A Dictionary of Islamic Words and Expressions: Arabic...

A Dictionary of Islamic Words and Expressions: Arabic English with an Arabic Index

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Second Edition. — Al-Jumuah / Al-Muntada Al-Islami, 2002. — 313 pages. — ISBN : 9960718301.This dictionary is intended to satisfy a long-standing need on the part of English-speaking Muslims for a dictionary with which to comprehend what they do not fully understand when they read the Noble Quraan and the authentic Sunnah. During the past twenty-five years progress has been made in the field of Islamic lexicography; and this has highlighted the need for documentation of Islamic words and expressions in a novel fashion.This dictionary is also intended to fulfill the needs of those engaged in such a sacred task as propagating Islam, which requires a reliable bilingual dictionary that is apt to transfer- in a communicative manner - concepts underlying cultural differences between the two languages in question.Besides, one of the strongest motives behind the compilation of this dictionary is the fact that Islam is not only the religion of over one billion people who constitute just under one fifth of the world's population (most of whom are non-native speakers of Arabic); it is also the fastest growing religion outside its own members.The entries have been drafted with the primary purpose of producing an overall-descriptive comprehension dictionary that covers, among many others, topics of faith, monotheism, jurisprudence, and financial transactions. Particular importance has been attached to the provision of numerous transparent examples, which are used in contextual strings.
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