Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers: Part...

Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers: Part 1, Beginner Level

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Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers This four-part series is intended for teaching Arabic as a foreign language to students of diverse backgrounds. First published in 2003, the series has been expanded to cover four different levels. Topics cover many aspects of the Arab world, including geography, politics and culture. Texts are short, advancing from simpler to more complex passages based on student needs and linguistic abilities. Grammatical and conjugational concepts are introduced in a brief manner for easy comprehension. In every lesson, a text is first introduced, and then followed by a question and answer comprehension section. This is followed by linguistic exercises and a demonstration of grammatical and conjugational concepts employed within the context of the topic. Finally, both an audio selection and writing exercise related to the lesson topic are included. Every lesson thus covers the four language skill areas, and trains students in using the linguistic content of the main text.
*Three volumes for gradual, logical learning
*Approaches grammar form functional angle
*Volumes come with audio CDs
*Ideal for students from many backgrounds and nationalities
*Appendices with additional information
*Dictionary with words translated into English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
*Guides on verb conjugates and singular/plural nouns
*Teaches four key skills: reading conversation, listening and writing
AL-Asas for Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers is a valuable language tool for students of various nationalities. It uses modern and sophisticated educational techniques to provide students with a core understanding of the Arabic language and its proper usage. The series consists of three volumes (with a fourth on the way) that guide students from one level to the next in a gradual and logical fashion. The series is unique in that it approaches grammatical issues from a functional angle.
Volume I: The Beginner Level starts with the alphabet and its phonetics and advances to 10 lessons that address everyday issues that would help students gradually integrate into society. It has nine appendices and comes with an audio CD (8 hours and a half).
Volume II [sold separately]: The Advanced Beginner Level consists of 15 lessons that complement the previous volume. It is unique in that it contains several dialogue-themed exercises with a clear emphasis on four key skills: reading, conversation, listening, and writing. It has six appendices and comes with an audio CD (2 hours and a half).
Volume III [sold separately]: The Intermediate Level consists of 23 lessons that revolve around Arab culture, key historic cities, and past civilizations. It has six appendices and comes with an audio CD (3 hours).
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